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Campsite Carcassonne

A campsite in Carcassonne? Even just the name of this city brings with it the images of a holiday full of sun and new discoveries! Come and spend your holiday on a Le French Time campsite, just a few…

From 21 May - 28 May
Limoux | Arques


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How about a getaway between the sea and the mountains?


Stay on a campsite near Carcassonne

Carcassonne is halfway between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and right between the Pyrenees and the Massif Central. People have been passing through here for thousands of years. Discover the fascinating history of this medieval city, with some areas dating back to the Gallo-Roman period. Explore the ruins of ancient castles and the small streets of the nearby picturesque villages, all just a few minutes away from your campsite. It’s up to you whether you opt for a relaxing or instructive holiday, on a campsite in the countryside, at the centre of Occitanie.

Carcassonne, cultural sites near your campsite

Come and stay on a campsite in Carcassonne and every day you’ll be able to explore another treasure of the region, all only one hour’s drive away or less. The region has something the whole family will find fascinating: the Giant Chasm of Cabrespine, the Citadelles du Vertige, the treasure of Alaric Mountain, the many medieval castles or the Australian Park animal reserve.
The beautiful city of Carcassonne is a land of art and culture, offering a vast programme of concerts, shows, theatre productions, and the locals and tourists have been enjoying the well-known Festival of Carcassonne for over 10 years now. Are you looking for lively evenings without having to leave your campsite? Choose to stay on one of our campsites with entertainment near Carcassonne.

A camping holiday in Carcassonne to awaken all your senses

Come and stay on a campsite in Carcassonne for a relaxing holiday in a picture-perfect setting, with local delights to taste, in this land of expertise. Discover the grape varieties from the surrounding area and the passionate winegrowers of the region: Malepère, Limoux, Cabardès, Fitou, Corbières... There’s a taste for everyone.
Around your campsite, the sports activities on offer also allow you to explore the region: Mountain biking, hiking, caving or water sports on Cavayère Lake.

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