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Campsite Corcieux

Welcome to Corcieux! This small city, nestled in the heart of the Vosges department is an ideal destination for enjoying a breath of fresh air with friends or family. Check out our selection of…

Outdoor holidays in Corcieux

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Hiking enthusiasts and fans of hilly terrain are spoilt for choice here... Slip on your best walking shoes and set off to yomp across one of the trails that criss-cross the Ballons des Vosges Regional Nature Park. This superb natural playground is also ideal for mountain biking and horse-riding. Unless you prefer to attempt an ascent of one of the many rock faces within the Park? And, if you want to clear your head, head for the banks of the various lakes and rivers on site where you can swim, sail, row, go diving, wind-surfing or canoe-kayaking.

Exploring the history of the Vosges

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A camping holiday in the Vosges is also the ideal opportunity to explore the region’s rich history. In Domrémy-la-Pucelle, you can visit the house where Joan of Arc was born, a building that has been carefully preserved since the 15th century. Then head to the Princes’ Castles in Senones which, in the 18th century, was the capital of an independent state, “La Principauté de Salm Salm,” (The Principality of Salm-Salm). Finally, complete your journey back in time with a visit to Hallière sawmill, one of the region’s last sawmills and a repository of centuries-old expertise and knowledge.


The delights of the Vosges cuisine

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What could be more comforting that culinary specialities from the Vosges? The Val d’Ajol andouille sausage, traditionally served with a salad or potatoes, will delight old and young alike. Unless you prefer fish? Then try a slice of “pâté de truite des Abbesses” (trout pie) immediately! In summer, a salad “vosgienne”, with smoked bacon and crème fraîche makes for a very satisfying meal. Vosges fritters, grated, fried, potato and onion patties, are easy to make, even when camping, and are a must for family meals.

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