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Campsite Sainte-Sigolène

The small village of Sainte-Sigolène, perched at 820 metres above sea level, is the ideal holiday destination for fans of outdoor activities. Hiking, canoe-kayak excursions, mountain-biking trails…

Camping in-Sainte-Sigolène: check out our ideas for nature excursions

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Have you settled in to your high-end Le French Time campsite? Time now to explore the area around Sainte-Sigolène. With your hiking books or mountain bike, together with family or friends, head for the plateau du Velay, just a stone’s throw from Sainte-Sigolène. Here you’ll encounter Les Sucs, strange Pelean-type volcanoes that are dome or sugar loaf shaped. Are you looking for a water sport to try in the region? Climb into a canoe-kayak and set off to tackle the currents of the Loire!

Cultural tour of Sainte-Sigolène

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Your camping holiday in Sainte-Sigolène is also the perfect opportunity to explore the history of the region and its architectural heritage. One of the town’s attractions is“La Fabrique,” a living museum where you can watch old machines, once used to create decorative trimmings and process plastic, at work. Next head for the “maison de l’Assemblée,” all that now remains of the “Béates” movement - a congregation of young girls who were responsible for educating the children of the village, during the 17th century, helping the weakest children, in particular. Then make for the Neo Gothic church of Sainte-Sigolène, the seat of a brotherhood consisting of several dozen penitents.


Indulge in Sainte-Sigolène’s local produce

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Walks through the countryside, sporting activities, cultural visits etc. After exercise, time for comfort! Which is great news as the Haute-Loire boasts a wonderful variety of gourmet dishes. Start with the Puy-en-Velay green lentils, with their delicate flavour and the Craponne potato, with its tender flesh. You should also try some “fromage aux artisous,” an amazing cow’s milk cheese that changes flavour according to the season. Finish in style with the red jewels of Monts du Velay, strawberries, raspberries and redcurrants grown at more than 1000 metres above sea level.

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