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Campsite Erquy

Erquy, located in a magnificent cove, combines the charm of a small Brittany town, the laid-back lifestyle of a seaside resort and the appeal of a busy fishing port. The result? A unique holiday…

Camping holidays: discovering the natural sites around the Cap d’Erquy headland

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Erquy can pride itself on having no fewer than seven, fine, sandy beaches where you can practise a number of different water sports: introduction to sailing, kite-surfing, sand yachting, stand-up paddle etc. Or simply laze around in the sun, have a sandcastle competition with your children or go for a swim in the sparkling sea! The town is also the departure point for a lot of hikes, providing an opportunity to discover and explore the coastal trails, old pink sandstone quarries, the cliffs of the Cap d'Erquy headland and the stunning views of the Saint-Brieuc Bay. 

Fancy going out to sea? Take a cruise to the île de Bréhat which you can explore on foot or by bike.

Erquy’s heritage treasures

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The château de Bienassis is a must-visit during your camping holiday in the Côtes-d’Armor and offers visitors a insight of what life was like in a Breton Seigneurial Residence in the 15th century. After you’ve visited the section that is open to the public and taken a tour of the leafy grounds, make for the dolmen de la Ville-Hamon, a neolithic tomb built from pink sandstone. Cartoon enthusiasts may well recognize the three rocks off the cost of the Cap d’Erquy headland, a platform known as the “camp de César,” which influenced Uderzo when writing the Asterix albums. In fact, the author spent some of the second world war in the area around Erquy...


Treat yourself to some of Erquy’s culinary specialities

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Did you know? The fishing port in Erquy is considered to be one of the best in the region. Which means that during your camping holiday, you’re going to have your fill of seafood! Scallops take centre stage on the town’s fish stalls and there’s even an annual festival held in their honour. You can also enjoy spider crabs, ark-shells, limpets, clams, periwinkles and mackerel. You can share a traditional buckwheat pancake or a portion of traditional Breton “far,” a dense custard pudding.

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