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Campsite Chaumont

Do you fancy exploring the Pays de Chaumont? The city of Chaumont, perched proudly on top of a steep promontory, overlooks the Marne and Suize Valleys. Spend your next holiday in a Haute-Marne, high-end campsite and explore Chaumont’s natural sites and heritage buildings, at your own pace.


Sorry, Le French Time don’t yet have any campsites or resorts at this destination.

Maybe you’ll be tempted by one of our starred campsites in the North-East of France where you'll make everlasting memories.

Camping in Chaumont: check out our ideas for nature excursions

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In Chaumont, it’s quite possible to combine cultural excursions and trips to the countryside! To do so, head for the châteaux gardens in the Pays de Chaumont: Dinteville, Reynel, or even Juzennecourt. Slip on your hiking boots and head to the forêt du Corgebin, south of Chaumont. It’s a great place for a family picnic and to explore the local flora and fauna, or you can visit the remains of an ancient Celtic Site or old Templar house. Fancy a larger playground? Make for the Forêt d’Orient Regional Nature Park where you can practise water sports in the Grands Lacs de Champagne, take a stroll beneath the shady trees or try out a treetop adventure trail.

The history of Chaumont: from feudal times to contemporary graphic art

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Did you know? Chaumont derives its name from “Calvus Mons” - Mont Chauve - a reference to the geological site on which the town was founded. Chaumont’s earliest buildings date back to the 10th century: evidence of this feudal period - when the City was home to the Counts of Champagne - is still visible today, such as the keep, for example. More recently, Chaumont has gone from being the capital of glove manufacturing to the city of the poster. Every year, the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival provide visitors with an opportunity to discover all the latest trends in contemporary graphic design. There is also a municipal museum entirely devoted to this visual art form.


Treat yourself to local specialities from the Haute-Marne

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Your camping holiday in the Grand-Est is also an opportunity to taste lots of local products. Start the festivities with some subtle-flavoured Champagne honey, before moving on to a nibble of “tarte à la quemeu,” an ancient recipe made from Langres fromage frais... The people of Chaumont have been enjoying it since the Middle Ages! Similarly, the soothing and incredibly delicious “potée champenoise,” a local vegetable hotpot, is sure to delight young and old foodies alike. Unless you’d prefer to try some pike braised in champagne, one of the region’s more sophisticated dishes.

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