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Campsite Angers

How about spending your next camping holidays exploring the capital of Anjou? Choose a campsite near Angers and discover the delights of this lovely city, a designated “ville d'art et d’histoire” and…

Camping holidays in Angers: exploring the city’s exceptional cultural heritage

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Once you’ve settled into your Angers campsite, you can set off to explore the capital of the Anjou region, and its wealth of treasures. Stroll through the medieval streets with family, friends or a loved one and admire the half-timbered houses. It won’t take you long to reach the famous Château d’Angers, the fortress of King René. This imposing building, perched on a rocky promontory, has stood proudly, overlooking the Maine, since the 13th century. Once you’ve wandered up and down the ramparts, you can then visit the city’s various other, Gothic-style monuments: Saint-Maurice cathedral, Saint-Martin collegiate church or even the Jean Lurçat Contemporary Tapestry Museum.

High-end camping holiday in Angers: recommended local specialities

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You can also discover a region through its food... Whether you’ve got a sweet or savoury tooth, or are an epicurean at heart, Angers has something for everyone. At cocktail hour, you can head to riverside restaurants and bars on the banks of the Maine and Loire - an essential, Angers, summer experience. Here you can sample a range of local artisan beers, wines from regional châteaux and tasty local specialities: pike, eel or pike perch, deep-fried or served with a beurre blanc or sorrel sauce, to enjoy while admiring the river view. It’s the ideal place to enjoy the gentle Angers way of life!


Exploring the Angers region

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Are you looking for ideas for excursions in the Angers region? Your camping holiday is the perfect opportunity to practice or try a variety of different sports: canoe-kayaking, horse-riding, hiking or cycling etc. The Angers region is also known for its wine routes so you can alternate between visiting châteaux and delicious tasting sessions.
You can also visit Saumur, in the heart of the Loire Valley; it’s a charming city, located on this historic Vallée des Rois road, with a UNESCO-listed château. Happy visiting!

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