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The most beautiful natural reserves in France

France is abundant in natural reserves, its where wild birds and  various species travel great lengths often pausing during their migration. Discover within the 5 corners of France, these natural reserves where the diversity and the beauty of the landscape will make you wish you also had wings !


The reserve of Camargue:

The Camargue shelters a heritage that is exceptional and nurtures numerous animal and plant species.

The region is a migratory stopping spot for all types of water birds : we have noted 150 000 individuals birds in transit every year. In Summer, one can count up to 30 000 pink flamingos: The Camargue is the only area where, annually, these birds breed in Europe.

The national park of Mercantour

Its unique geographical situation, near the Côte d’Azur, creates Mediterranean touches to the alpine mountains.

At this remarkable park situated on the border of Italy there are more than 150 species of birds such as the Golden eagle, the Boreal owl typically known as Tengmalm owl, Blackgame, Ptarmigans and also the Alpine chough or Yellow-billed chough.

The Marquenterre Park

The Bay of the Somme and its Marquenterre Park welcomes thousands of birds every year. Marquenterre is a paradise on earth for Heron watching, Storks, White spoonbill, Pied avocet, Egrets or the very distinguished Common shelduck a striking bird with brillant nuances of coloured feathers, an absolute must see if in the region !

The national nature reserve of the Marais d’Yves

In New Aquitaine, a few kilometres from Les Castels La Garangeoire campsite and halfway between  île de Ré and Ile d’Oléron, whatever you do, don’t miss the natural reserve of the Marais d’Yves, an absolute paradise for observing birdlife on the border of the Atlantic Ocean, extending over 192 hectares. An immense sanctuary to observe migrating birds: Black-tailed godwit, Common redshank, Eurasian teal, Common snipe, all in all, there is no less than 250 species of birds that frequent this particular bay. An amazing diversity !

The bird sanctuary of Teich

One and a half hours from Les Castels Le Village Western campsite, on 110 hectares surrounding the Bay of d’Arcachon, the bird sanctuary of Teich upholds a particularly rich and outstanding biodiversity.

The reserve, situated on the route of migrating birds and close to a large bay sheltered from the elements, here 260 species of birds can be found which 80 of these nest on the spot. The reserve offers 3 routes with 17 monitoring centers to observe the natural state of these many and varied rare species such as the Common spoonbill,  Storks, Herons and Egrets, the masters of their domain.

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