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Sound and light show: the luminescence of Avignon 2017

Every year the city of Avignon is transformed into a veritable city of luminosity as night falls. “Luminessences of Avignon” is an event that cannot be missed if you are staying in the Provence.


“Luminessences of Avignon” is an event that cannot be missed if you are staying in the Provence area at our Les Castels Le Domaine de Sévenier or Sites et Paysages Tartarin campsites. Only few hours away by road, you can attend a brilliant colourful show !


This show created by Bruno Seillier, to whom we also owe « La Nuit des Invalides », is concentrated around the importance of the  « Palais des Papes », using high technology and  wonderful scenography !

The walls are lit with vibrant colours show casing the special effects that tell us the story of the « Palais des Papes » from the XIII century until today. Dante, Mistral,  nine popes and the Kings of France will be the main characters of this historic fresco projection !

The show is narrated by Céline DUHAMEL, an actress whose voice you will recognise. Shown in the main court yard some will shiver  during a lightening show resembling  the atmosphere of Poudlard ! Indeed, the show offers a reference to the famous school of Harry Potter’s magic ! Claude GIRAUD, the French voice of Machiavellian Professor Rogue will give you goose bumps !

« The luminessences » of Avignon will have your head turning in all directions thanks to its 15 video-projectors with a  360 °span !

From August 12th till September 30th 2017.

Full-price ticket: 12€

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