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Fall : our best tips for staying in shape

Cold days arrive little by little and the days shorten: Autumn is well here ! And  so does the fatigue that comes along with it... So, how to stay in shape during this transition period ? We unravel  the secrets Le French Time...


Eat well


When the colder temperatures return we tend to eat more fatty foods. Having a meal with a delicious sauce can be so tempting in autumn! but be careful to not go overboard and eat excessive amounts ! Think of eating good healthy foods which will allow you to boost your energy, such as  a small handful of walnuts and almonds, also mushrooms, squash and citrus fruits which are filled with vitamins. They will allow you to strengthen your immune system and help to avoid colds and deficiencies. Finally, a varied and well-balanced diet is the best way to avoid  temporary depression.

Drink & Hot drinks


Just because Summer has ended, doesn’t  mean you need to give up your good eating habits that you adopted over that period , as well as drinking a lot ! Herbal teas and fresh juices will be your best friend, they will warm you up and will give you significant benefits. Autumn is also the time to start preparing home made soups that will warm your body and a treat to the taste buds !

Take your time


Learn to listen to your body and its needs, have breaks to avoid overworking. During the weekend, slow down your out door activities and make the choice to grab a blanket and a herbal tea and quietly settle on your sofa: an assured relaxation ! It’s so important to not neglect your sleep, essential to be in form throughout the day. Block out all the light in your bedroom, air it every day if you can and use  essential oils or vapour mists to help you fall asleep. During the weekends allow yourself to take a nap !

Have a physical activity


Physical activity goes hand in hand to ward off drowsiness during Autumn. Whether it’s going to the gym, running or even going for a stroll in a forest, it’s  important to have a minimum of activity to keep one’s energy. Did you know that during a sporting activity our brain secretes endorphins, which is responsible for the sensation of well-being ? A very good reason to do sport !

The cards are in your hands to enjoy a beautiful Autumn whilst staying in form ! See you soon at our Castels !


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