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Enjoy the pleasures of fall with Le French Time

Autumn is often a favourite season for many ,trees covered in a glow of red orange and yellow ,a wonderful sight to behold. Not forgetting the changing temperature, mild but perfect for pleasant strolls and outdoor activities before Winter arrives. Come and join us and make the most of this beautiful season at one of our Le French Time campsites.

A Season for Food Lovers

 Autumn is the ideal time to delight in seasonal apples ,mushrooms ,grapes ,pears and chestnuts from the forest. For young and old there’s nothing like a bowl of roasted chestnuts whilst sitting on a comfy sofa, perfect !


It’s also the prefect time to enjoy delicious home made soups .Our choice is for both pumpkin and butternut  pumpkin  together . It has a delicious, subtle flavour which won’t be forgotten all day long.


Finally at this time mushrooms appear in the forest. Take great care to go gathering with someone knowledgeable about the varieties as some can cause medical problems.

Pleasant Walks and Activities.

Autumn is the Spring of Winter ‘. This season allows one to take lovely walks through the forest and observe the colourful beauty of nature. Take advantage of this time by  collecting some of the varied leaves with your children. They can preserve them in an excercise book and  will be surprised by the shapes and colours when revisited in time to come.

autumn woodland

It is also the season for planting and preparing for Spring. Plant tulip , hyacinth, and narcissus  bulbs ,and try to wait patiently until they bloom in April.

Finally, in the evening when the temperature drops, you can delight in comfort with a mug of  delicious hot chocolate !

Autumn can be beneficial to one’s good health, peaceful and calm, treat yourself and take  advantage of the opportunity at one of our camps Les Castel ! See you soon 🙂


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