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Campsite in Tarn

As soon as you arrive in the Tarn your relaxing holiday on a Le French Time campsite can begin. Come to the Tarn for a unique family holiday and to make some new memories surrounded by the forests of…

Sorry, Le French Time don’t yet have any campsites or resorts at this destination.

Maybe you’ll be tempted by one of our starred campsites in Occitanie where you'll make everlasting memories.

A campsite in the Tarn for a colourful holiday in the countryside

If you choose to stay on a campsite in the countryside in the Tarn you will be faced with a range of landscapes, each one even more impressive than the last. In just a few moments, you can go from the dense Sivens or Sérénac forests, to the granite rocks of Sidobre. Walk through the Gaillac vineyards or along the footpaths across the Black Mountain, surrounded by ancient oak trees, beech and pine trees.
On a campsite at the heart of this wild and bountiful natural environment, you can really get back to basics and completely forget your daily routine.

A sporty and relaxing camping holiday in the Tarn

Come and discover a luxury campsite that will please the whole family. Are you looking for calm and wellness? Come to the campsite spa or the green resort of Trebas-les-Bains, with thermal sources discovered by the Gallo-Romans.
Would you prefer some exercise and adventure? Your campsite in the Tarn is perfectly located between the hills and running waters and has several water sports centres nearby, for canoeing, stand-up paddle, and swimming in the rapids. There are over 200km of hiking trails across the mountains around Albi, to explore on foot or on horseback.

Learn about local culture while on a camping holiday in the Tarn

The historical and cultural heritage of the Tarn is worth exploring, with the beautiful cities of Albi and Castres. Visit the museum of the painter Goya in the historical centre of Castres, a snail farm in the Ségala region or Albi cathedral, built over 800 years ago.
Try out the delicious local specialities of Tarn Valley: Lautrec pink garlic soup, Poumpet pastries or pan-fried “respounchou”.

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