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Ain Campsite

The Ain is a region with many landscapes and a strong character, and is the ideal destination for a camping holiday with family or friends. What are you waiting for, browse through our selection of…

Camping holidays in the Ain: four areas to explore

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Four territories make up the Ain department: Bresse, Bugey, the Pays de Gex and Dombes. Each has its own assets to discover during your camping holiday in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes. Will you fall for the bucolic landscapes of the marshes of the Dombes lakes, climb the trails of the Bugey and Pays de Gex mountains, or picnic in the clearings of the Bresse forests? You are spoilt for choice! More of a city dweller at heart? By choosing a campsite near Lyon or Annecy, the pleasures of the city are yours to enjoy...

Your sport and nature programme in the Ain

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For those who enjoy hiking with their family or friends, the Ain has more than 5,000 kilometres of prepared trails, giving you the opportunity to criss-cross the department using the strength of your calves. Walking is fun, but would you like to try some more challenging sports? Sports clubs and associations in the department offer you the opportunity to learn or improve your skills in canyoning, paragliding, diving, kayaking, rowing... and even hang-gliding! Trail routes are also available for the more motivated holidaymaker.


Holidays in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes: gourmet pleasures on offer!

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The Ain region boasts some of the tastiest culinary specialities... The Bresse region is notably known for its four PDO poultry: chicken, 'poularde' (fattened hen), turkey and 'Bresse capon', all of which are raised in the open air and tender to eat. The small town of Nantua produced the famous Nantua sauce, made with béchamel sauce and crayfish, while the medieval town of Pérouges is famous for its sugar cake. More original, and to be reserved for amateurs, are the frogs, specialities of the Dombes region...

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