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Camping in Poitiers

Would you like a taste of Poitiers’ laid-back lifestyle? Book a pitch or a quirky holiday rental in one of our campsites and discover Poitiers’ wealth of natural and cultural heritage. An…


Sorry, Le French Time don’t yet have any campsites or resorts at this destination.

Maybe you’ll be tempted by one of our starred campsites in Centre-Val de Loire where you'll make everlasting memories.

A camping trip to Poitiers: suggestions for excursions

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Ready for some height? Head towards Pont Joubert,with its winding staircase leading up to the Panorama des Dunes view point. From up high, you’ll enjoy a stunning view of the Clain river, over the Poitiers rooftops. Then head off to the forêt de Saint-Sauvant, a beautiful oak forest, extending over 800 hectares; the perfect place for walks with family and friends. Are you travelling with your children? Schedule a trip to Lusignan, the city of the Fairy Mélusine. You can explore this small magical village, nestled in the middle of the countryside, as part of a geocaching game.

A visit to Poitiers, combining heritage and relaxation

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After this wonderful breath of fresh air, head back to Poitiers and a visit to the historic centre. Stroll along to Notre-Dame-la-Grande church, a jewel of Romanesque architecture, the façade of which was once painted. In the summer, during special evening events, the building façade is illuminated in different colours. Then head to place du Maréchal Leclerc, the hub of Poitiers city life. Do you fancy a small aperitif on the terrace? You can also laze around in Blossac park, a wonderful lush setting, overlooking the Clain Valley, right in the centre of Poitiers. And if you’ve chosen to stay in a campsite near Futuroscope, it’s a great opportunity to explore the attractions and entertainment on offer within this famous theme park.


Treat yourself to the culinary specialities of the Poitiers region

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Poitiers is the ideal place to enjoy a delicious “dame blanche.” No doubt, you’re thinking about the classic vanilla-flavoured ice-cream? Well think again: in the Poitou region, “dame blanche” in fact refers to a delicious, moulded “île flottante” (meringue and custard dessert). Unless you’re more of a cheese rather than a pudding person. In which case, opt for a portion of Chabichou, a delicious cheese made from full-fat goat’s milk. It’s easy to spot on the cheese stalls thanks to its distinctive cone shape. Happy tasting! 

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