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Campsite La Romieu

The village of La Romieu, surrounded by valleys, is located at the intersection of pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela, linking Le Puy-en-Velay and Rocamadour. However, it is more than just a stopover point as La Romieu offers all the ingredients necessary for a unique camping holiday. Interested? Follow the guide!

From 23 Apr - 30 Apr
The advantages
  • A 12-hectare estate full of trees.
  • Three lakes for swimming, water sports and fishing.
  • A wine bar and a tapas restaurant on the campsite.
From 04 Sep - 11 Sep
From 23 Apr - 30 Apr

A camping trip to the Gers: a packed programme of nature excursions

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Numerous hiking trails criss-cross the region around La Romieu. Put on your hiking shoes and follow the meanders of the Petit Auvignon or set off to explore the old fiefdoms of Gascony. Or how about joining a section of the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage route that passes through La Romieu and taking a short stroll along this iconic trail? Alternatively, you can make for the banks of the Garonne on your mountain bike and enjoy a ride along the water. Oh, and why don’t you make the most of the opportunity and go for a short trip in your canoe-kayak?

Visiting La Romieu, discovering its historic heritage...and its cats

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Once you’ve admired the collégiale Saint-Pierre collegiate church, an impressive building that dates back to the 14th century, and the charming village washhouse through which the Petit Auvignon river gently flows, then it’s time for a cat hunt! In fact, La Romieu is famous for its legend about cats, a myth that was entirely fabricated by a local artist during the 1990s. Maurice Serreau, a sculptor, started to make and donate statues of cats to local shopkeepers and residents. Look upwards and you’ll be able to spot quite a few of them, hidden on window ledges, on door steps and other nooks and crannies, some obvious, others less so. It’s a great way of motivating youngsters to explore the village streets! To accompany this sudden invasion of cats, the artist created a legend in which a small girl, back in the Middle Ages, saved La Romieu from famine thanks to her cats who chased away the mice and rats.


A camping holiday in La Romieu for a delicious gourmet experience

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Did you know? Several scientific studies have demonstrated the health benefits of Gascony cuisine, proving that there is less cardio-vascular disease in this part of France than elsewhere.... Knowing this, you no longer have any reason to shun the pleasure of good food during your holidays in La Romieu So, time to tuck into some duck breast, confit, foie gras, rillettes (potted meat) and chicken etc. And for something crisp and fresh, opt for Gers kiwi fruit and melon. Need to add flavour to a dish? Gers’ white garlic is an absolute delight for the taste buds.

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