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Campsite in Tarascon

Why not use your next holidays to visit one of Europe’s most beautiful, medieval châteaux? Choose from our selection of high-end campsites in Bouches-du-Rhône and set off to explore the town of…

Sorry, Le French Time don’t yet have any campsites or resorts at this destination.

Maybe you’ll be tempted by one of our starred campsites in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur where you'll make everlasting memories.

A camping trip to Tarascon: lots of outdoor activities to arrange

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The town of Tarascon is located right next to the Alpilles Regional Nature Park, a natural, unspoilt site where you can enjoy hiking, horse-riding or mountain-biking. Head to the site of Ernaginum, in the massif du Planet, and set off on a walk, following in the footsteps of the Romans, unless you prefer to explore the Saint-Roman hills, surrounded by fragrant scrubland and pine forests. Set off from Saint-Rémy, in the Alpilles, and discover some of the region’s many “gaudres,” small valleys that channel rainwater. There’s plenty of opportunity for family and friends to let off steam during your camping holidays in Bouches-du-Rhône!

Cultural excursions in Tarascon and the Alpilles

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What could be nicer than getting lost in the small streets of Tarascon town centre? Your holiday in Tarascon is a great opportunity to explore some of the town’s key landmarks: the château du roi René (King René’s castle), Saint-Michel de Frigolet Abbey, the Mas de Panisse, the villa de Tartarin and even Sainte-Marthe church. Once you’ve thoroughly explored Tarascon, you can continue your cultural tour of the Alpilles which is home to numerous castles, monasteries, abbeys and museums.


Time to eat! Tarascon’s culinary delicacies await you...

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Tarascon regional cuisine is, without a doubt, one of France’s finest cuisines. Discover this for yourself by dipping into some of the many culinary specialities on offer in the local restaurants: bouillabaisse borgne (vegetable bouillabaisse), brandade de morue (salt cod spread), artichaut à la barigoule (archichoke hearts in olive oil) or daube provençale (beef stew). As an aperitif, try some tapenade or anchovy spread on bread, before tucking into a nice bowl of pistou soup (vegetable soup with pesto). For dessert, opt for some pâte de coing (quince cheese) or cachaille, a creamy cheese mixture.

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