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Campsite with astronomy

Are you looking for a campsite which combines a unique holiday and the joys of astronomy? Welcome to a Le French Time campsite, which offers activities and themed camping holidays for the whole family, including campsites centred around astronomy. Isn’t camping the best opportunity to observe the stars?

A campsite where you can learn all about astronomy

A lot of camping enthusiasts claim to feel good when they’re under the starry sky. Some of those people would like to know more about astronomy or are already passionate about the subject. In your tent or on the outdoor seating area in front of your mobile home, you will be staying on a campsite far from the light pollution of the big cities. At night, set off on a guided hiking expedition and learn about the constellations and legends of the night sky. Choose a more unusual rental in the great outdoors, from which you can look up at the stars during your stay.

Astronomy on a campsite, reach for the stars.

Budding astronomists can come and spend “a night under the stars” on a Le French Time campsite. Admire the night sky with your own astronomy equipment or equipment provided by the campsite, and learn from the experts or those who are passionate about astronomy. Equipped with telescopes or other instruments, the secrets of the night sky will be revealed to you. You can also participate in fun and educational group workshops, all year round.

At night, set off on a hiking trip and learn all about the legends of the night sky and the constellations.


Camping and astronomy are two very different but complementary worlds.

Astronomy is not only about looking into a telescope, why not take advantage of your camping holiday in the Gers to go to the Fleurance astronomy festival or Astr’Auvergne if you’re staying in the Centre of France. Day or night, come and pay a visit to Epinal Planetarium, Astrièves Planetarium or Barronnies Planetarium.

If you’re not afraid of a little altitude, why not join other astronomy enthusiasts from a campsite in Auvergne: Montalet is the perfect spot to amaze the whole family.

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