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Why go on a waterside holiday as a family?

Holidays by the water are something we all think about and we wonder if they’re a good idea.  Find a waterside campsite for a relaxing and fun holiday in the heart of France’s most beautiful regions.

Holidays by the water: enjoyment and relaxation

Holidays by the water as a family may seem risky, especially if you have young children. We immediately think about the logistics and supervision that this would require. However, when you’re by the seaside or on the banks of a river, there is such a rich natural environment for young and old alike: sandcastle competitions, digging and fishing to your heart’s content, building mini dams, playing in the rocks and much more. 

Your waterside holiday can provide hours of entertainment for you and your kids. They can explore the natural world with ease and stay away from their screens. You can set yourself up on a lounger with your favourite book, or maybe go rafting as a family for the afternoon. You can create the holiday you want.

Seaside, lake or pool, so many options for holidays by the water

A holiday at the water’s edge means activities you can take part in all year round. Whatever the season or weather conditions, a seaside, riverside or lakeside holiday can provide many different activities for you to discover. Surfing, paddle boarding, canoeing or kayaking, water skiing, boat trips or jet ski jaunts, rubber ring rides, rowing, swimming and many more. You can also discover the joy of fishing as well as beach activities such as land surfing and beach volleyball. You can design your dream holiday, whether that means sport, relaxation, culture or all three at the same time. 

The heated pool at your campsite will give you the chance to relax on your holiday by the water. If you manage to find a campsite in France with its own water park, you can keep everyone happy. Take the opportunity to teach your kids to swim with our qualified swim instructors. 


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