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Tours : discover the capital of Touraine

Reaching out to discover a new city allows one to wind down and absorb all its cultural history. Make the most of the Toussaint holidays and discover Tours and the historic emblem of the Val de Loire, it’s registered on the World Heritage list of UNESCO and nearby is our 4 star camping Les Castels L’Orangerie de Beauregard in which you can relax after your visit.

An exceptional heritage

Tours was the capital Kingdom of France and maintains its memories through the old city, vibrant squares and historic religious buildings.



Place Plumereau in the vieux tours

Certified «  City of Art and History » Tours resembles a medieval city with its cobbled stone alley ways and houses with decorative timber framings. The Place Plumereau is one of the most attractive of the city, it is situated in the centre of the Vieux-Tours and need a little extra time to linger ! The surrounding timber framed houses are registered as historic munuments and date back to the XVth century.

Don’t leave without having seen the Saint-Gatien cathedral built from 1170 and 1547 it has a magnificent choir and exceptional stained-glass windows. The basilica  Saint-Martin, is dedicated to Saint Martin of Tours where his tomb and relics are laid and has been visited by many pilgrims over the years. It’s also well worth a visit to admire its interior and exterieur architecture.



Saint Gatien cathedral in Tours

Finally, stroll up and down the streets of Vieux-Tours and discover many more places full of history and culture, such as l’Hôtel Goüin, a mansion of the XVth century, a vestige of Renaissance architecture, the museum of Beaux-Arts and its garden. Also the museum of trade guilds where one can discover the master pieces of the Compagnons du Tour de France .

Food lovers of Val de Loire

Tours cherishes a culinary heritage maintained and passed down over the years. The culinary specialities are certainly not lacking. If you love and appreciate delicious  food and wine you are in the right place !



French goat cheese

Taste the goat cheese, rillette and rillons « porc crackling », Fouace, a cake that is baked like a brioche in a shape of a crown, perfumed with orange blossom and slightly sweetened and buttered. Also, don’t leave without having tasteded the nougat of Tours which is not to be confused with its homonym of the South. The nougat of Tours is a cake with a base made of short crust  pastry and garnished with a compote of fruit or jam and scattered with almonds.

Finally,  all of these products can be found at the Halles de Tours, a indoor market on the Place Gaston-Pailhou in the Vieux Tours.

There are only wonderful things to do and see around your stay at l’Orangerie de Beauregard !

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