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The Autumn Fair 2017 in Paris

This year, from 27th October until 5th November 2017 the grand Autumn Fair in Paris will be presented at the Parc des Exhibitions at Porte de Versailles.


It is THE meeting point where one can indulge in the numerous aspects of lifestyle and comfort. Discover the latest trends regarding decoration, gastronomy, hand crafts and well-being. The idea is to always be able to improve the home environment, the Autumn Fair promises an experience which will blend all of the above plus a convivial and interactive atmosphere ! The three important points  « organise  your home interiors » « improve home environment » and «  enjoy » this will allow you to discover new trends for your home and enjoy the refreshed ideas you can take onboard.

In 2017, the 350 exhibitors will come together to assist you create your style.This year, the Autumn Fair will be the ” Fair of Paris – Special Home issue “.

If you already have ideas for your project at home, don’t hesitate to speak to  the exhibitors and to ask for an opinion. In partnership with “Rencontre un archi “, you can take advantage of expert advice to cultivate your thought’s and idea’s. Architects, interior designers and decorators will be present to answer any questions. The individual discussions are available every day from 5 pm till 7 pm. Don’t forget to reserve a 30 minute on-line or on-the-spot meeting.

You will also have the possibility to take part in an architectural seminar to discuss the five different aspects of home living.

  • Shower / bathtub: tips and tricks
  • Colours / paint finishes
  • Storage
  • Parents room
  • Childrens room

You will also find a large exclusive selection of decorative design pieces, so you can reinvent your home atmosphere. Choose an interior that suits you, and one that you feel really comfortable living in.



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