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Our top 4 most beautiful lakes in France

For the campers and the devotees of campsite Le French Time, lakes have always been an excellent place to relax by the waters edge enjoying the benefits of any aquatic sport. In France, there is a diversity of lakes, all beautiful, some more than others. Here are some suggestions that are close to campsites Le French Time.


Lake Annecy, probably the most beautiful lake in France. You will discover it is one of the purest lakes in Europe, situated between the alpine massifs in the heart of the Haute-Savoie. In Summer, the water can rise to 26°C, to the delight of young and old. Numerous activities are available: sailing, water-skiing, windsurfing, boarding, you can hire a boat or any diving equipment….. A must is a walk in the early evening in the small and beautiful city of Annecy, with its numerous canals and the magnificent château above.

lac d'annecy camping


Lac de Serre-Ponçon, is situated in the Hautes-Alpes and the Alpes of Haute-Provence. It is a major tourist destination. In Summer as in Winter there are numerous activites : hiking, water sports, paragliding, mountain climbing … Everything is possible ! The beaches are pristine and the creeks tumble wildly through a natural paradise. A sight to behold !


Between the Marne and the Haute Marne is situated Lac du Der, with a surface area of 50km2. It is possibly the largest superficial lake in Europe ! There are numerous bicycle paths, and several boating operators, the Lake du Der is a highly recommended tourist destination in the region of Alsace-Lorraine-Champagne-Ardenne.


The most beautiful lake of Langudoc-Rousillon is the lac du Salagou. Situated in the region of  Hérault, Lac du Salagou is an artificial lake lined with red soil almost an outer space landscape. Windsurfing, sailing and any other water sport enthusiasts will be in seventh heaven. In Summer, the lake temperature can rise to 28°C.


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