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Organise an unusual weekend away with the family

Could you be tempted to book a quirky weekend away as a family? We all want and need to take a break from the daily grind for one or more nights. Discover the joy of quirky camping and have an unforgettable stay in the heart of the natural environment.

What unusual accommodation options are there for a family weekend away? 

Where do you start if you’re planning an unconventional family weekend away? Our original campsites have a number of accommodation options that go way beyond the simple pop-up tent, and comfort is always a priority. Depending on the group size, you can opt for a safari tent, a yurt, a caravan, a cabin on stilts at the edge of the woods or a mobile home with private jacuzzi. A quirky camping weekend means waking up at dawn and feeling a timeless sense of well-being, surrounded by loved ones.

Finding an unusual campsite for your family

Do you have an idea for your next alternative family break but you’re not sure if it’s possible? The logistics of an unconventional campsite can scare some parents away. However, on our campsites, we’ve thought of everything to give you your best holiday, whatever age your kids are. Are you more of an adventurer? Robinson Crusoe? Romantic? Do you prefer unconventional accommodation that will make you feel small in the face of nature’s immensity? Or a comfortable teepee for a Wild West style family weekend? Choose your unusual campsite based on what everyone wants.

Our tips for a successful quirky family weekend?

When you set aside a few days as a family, you may want something a bit alternative, but at the same time, you still want safety and relaxation. Choose an unconventional campsite less than 4 hours from your home. It would be a shame to spend lots of time on the road and arrive exhausted and tense. An unconventional weekend away doesn’t necessarily mean a tree house or pricey accommodation. We have many lodge tents and other alternative accommodation options that combine simplicity and a change of scene with a modest budget.


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