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Meeting with Anthony Daniel, chef at Les Ormes, Domaine & Resort campsite

We went to meet Anthony Daniel, chef at Les Ormes, Domaine & Resort campsite, in Ille-et-Vilaine.


” I have gained  my experience in renowned kitchens, lucky to travel abroad  and in particular to Luxembourg to work in the  Sofitel Luxury or Le Grand Ducal. I was a deputy head chef, and my objective was to satisfy the taste buds of a demanding business clientel. An exciting challenge !

Crédit photo : Bruno Astorg

Les Castels : What did you do afterwards ?

Anthony Daniel: I decided to return to Brittany after 15 years ! So with all that experience up my sleeve I  was able to integrate the team at Ormes and the management of the various aspects of dining. I am now the executive chef.

Les Castels: What are your ambitions for returning back to the basics ?

Anthony Daniel: I would like to launch a new dynamic by passing on   my experiences and my sensibility to create a modern and qualitative cuisine with chefs with whom I work. In Brittany we have so many quality products, I want to emphasise them, I want to rediscover and  offer something new to our dinner guests.

Les Castels: Beautiful project ! How do you plan to go about this and tantalise your guests ?

Anthony Daniel: I decided to work on new formats for lunch and dinner. We work on creating culinary workshops to transform meals into real moments of conviviality and a moment of sharing between colleagues.

Les Castels: What is your guideline here in Ormes ?

Anthony Daniel: I would say: quality and conviviality.

Les Castels: What products do you use in your cooking ?

Anthony Daniel: Naturally I love products of the region, local products… Today, we suggest only French products in our restaurants (of which we have four). Our objective for 2018 is to use 70% of our cuisine prepared with local products.

Les Castels : Would  you say that your formula is a “success” ?

Anthony: Of course ! The lamb shank cooks for 10 hours, with its small vegetables. Or the terrine of duck breast with foie gras  within a crepe !

Le Castel Les Ormes, Domain and Resort, welcomes you to any of their 4 restaurants, amongst which  two are opened all year.


  • La Pizzeria Chez Madeleine, pizza and pasta
  • Le Cellier, grill and bistrot cuisine
  • L’Oie Gourmande, traditional cooking
  • Le Club House, a high end brasserie


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