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Let yourself be tempted by a SPA !

There’s nothing better than giving yourself a little pampering whilst on holiday. Le French Time campsites suggest  a visit to their well-being relaxation centres, within the various domains or chateaux you  will find excellent service.


These periods of calm will allow you to make the most of your holidays,  you  can now  rest and  relax. The SPA stimulates the production of endorphins naturally made by the body, calming, now  creating  a sensation of well-being and happiness. The SPA  also stimulates the blood circulation and releases  muscular and emotional tension. It will allow you to completely loosen up in order to unwind and forget your concerns of  everyday life and help you concentrate more on the  positive feelings.

The positive effects of the SPA lasts a few days because it acts on your natural defence system.

We suggest you  add essential oils to your SPA  experience. Used for millenniums for their therapeutic benefit and the effect on the physical and mental well-being. Oils can be found in most organic /health  stores. An experienced salesperson will give you advice as to which oil is best for your particular need, essential oils can be specific ! For example,  a session to completely relax at the SPA opt  for an essential oil of lavender or orange blossom. If you are in search of a more stimulating and toning oil, opt for a  rosemary or pine base.

The SPA is also a very good place to relax with family. You will see the benefit of this in your communication ! The relaxed atmosphere creates an ambience which improves conversation and expressions  seemingly stimulated by the hot water. It also enhances a healthy and better balanced life for you and your close friends.

Finally, it is your sleep which benefits most ! Totally relaxed in hot water allows your body temperature to lower, therefore relieving all tension and allowing your body and mind to find the rhythm of sleep in a natural way.

To make the most of the advantages of the  your holiday, we suggest the benefits are best realised  by taking several sessions at the SPA  with a couple of days between each so your body rhythm is adjusted to all the positive effects .

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