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Ideas for children’s activities during the holidays

Going camping with your children is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a memorable and exciting holiday. Each family-friendly campsite in our network offers activities for all ages. Choose a campsite with a kids’ club to let them have fun under the watchful eye of qualified supervisors.

Activities for children on holiday

Would you like your kids to try out some new activities during the holidays? Make the most of your camping holiday by letting them get involved in some exciting activities: mini-golf, water park, land sailing, cycling, climbing, horse riding and more. On our campsites, everything is possible and it's all family friendly. Do you need a bit of a rest while your kids do something else? Why not set up a fun competition: whoever draws the best nature picture inspired by the local environment wins a prize! 

Holiday activities for every age group

We’ve thought of everything so that your children can really make the most of holiday activities: suitable timetables, clear guidelines, safety, accompanied and unaccompanied activities. So, children of all ages can get stuck in to different activities that are suitable for them. Send your teenagers off on a high ropes course while the little ones play on the ground apparatus. In the afternoon, you could do a family cookery course.

One-of-a-kind activities for your children on our campsites

We have a number of campsites in France with a kids’ club. In dedicated indoor and outdoor spaces, our holiday helpers provide sports and artistic activities for kids. Sign up in advance on the schedule or bring your kids along to the club each morning. Activities offered will change depending on location, day of the week and time of year, but at our campsites, there’s no time for boredom!



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