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How to occupy your children whilst on the road ?

Whether you leave to ski soon or either simply drive a few kilometres from home, trips by car can seem endless for your toddlers ! So to make this time go by more quickly for the children, and for yourself !  Here are some suggenstions for activities that can be worthwhile testing when on the road.

Most importantly before leaving : Check twice that you have onboard the security blanket or the favourite toy of each child. As one knows these are  irreplaceable and subject to numerous dramas !

For the young ones:

The audio books:

If the children are too young to read, audio books are a wonderful way to gain their interest, they can be absorbed with story telling as you drive to your eventual destination. You can even take part yourself by inviting them to invent their own ending to the story.

Coloured sticky labels transferable and erasable felt-tipped pens for windows:

You can buy coloured sticky labels which can be moved about as you wish, they can be used on all the surfaces without damaging or leaving any traces of glue. The erasable felt-tippped pens also allow children to decorate their windows to their own design. Happy children able to express their creativity and to personalise the surface areas around them make for a fun journey.

Play whilst on the journey:

Choose a letter of the alphabet and ask to your children to find something inside or outside of the car which begins with this letter ! Example “H” for “highway” or “B” for  “biscuit” … Silence and concentration guaranteed for a moment !

A “surprise” box :

Why not prepare a small box of surprises for each child when all else fails ? The box may contain a little colouring book, some reading, something sweet,  candy, they will love the individual surprise element and it will fill in time when setting out or later when your patience begins to waver !

For the older ones: 

Computer games / ipad :

Sometimes controversial but a very useful solution for the really long trips: a good movie or a brand new game is a backup resource to have during the longer trips, so take advantage of this idea

“I am” :

Think of a famous character and ask your children to guess who you have in mind. It could be a popluar singer, a great name of history or a hero of Disney, there is a very wide choice.

Remember your answer must be a « Yes » or « No » not Maybe !

You can intensify the game by limiting the number of questions each can ask … so finally ….Who is the character ?

Take  advantage of breaks, playgrounds will break the monotony and a bit of exercise can do wonders. Why not have a nap in the car afterwards !




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