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How do you choose the best pack for hiking ?

Wildlife and nature holidays often remind us of the many beautiful hiking trails in the beautiful regions of France.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, it’s important to be well prepared for any hiking adventure so you are not  missing anything when you are somewhere in the middle of the mountain ranges.

First of all, you have to make sure you have the right backpack beacause it’s one of the most important items regarding equipment. One must aim to have the maximum amount of comfort possible, convenience and  stability so you can be at ease during the trip avoiding injuring  yourself. Here are some important points to take into account whilst deciding on your purchase:

  • The inner capacity level
  • The practical organisation of carrying items
  • Accessories and clever design
  • The  personal comfort of  the bag
  • The weight
  • Love at first sight !

The capacity of the bags on offer can vary: there are small bags about 20/30 litres and bags of more than 70 litres. It is necessary to take into account the volume of the bag according to the walks you plan to do on your holidays. The longer  hike will  mean a larger backpack  is necessary. For one person when your starting offa nd your only hiking for a few hours (2/3h), a small bag of 20/30L should be enough, assuming the weather report is correct. For a more arduous hike: setting out in the morning with a picnic lunch, returning in the latter part  of the day as the weather temperature may drop, we suggest you  take a larger bag, possibly 30/40L, to pack the essentials you may need. Here is a guide which may help.

The organisation of your backpack is extremely important.There are many  different types of bags, so there are different ways of packing each bag. Whilst hiking, it is more practical to have outside pockets  so  you can retrieve what you want more easily. Trekking requirements: sunglasses, sunscreen, handkerchiefs, maps … Having plenty of pockets available you will know which compartment contains the item  you  suddenly need, making it unnecessary to empty your whole bag in the middle of the trail to take a photo !

Accessories and features of a backpack change according to the manufacturer.This is what you can find:

  • Styles for women
  • Adjustment straps to suit the individual  hiker
  • The integrated rain cover
  • Belts, straps and carrying material
  • Compartment for storing water plus an opening for a straw
  • Front pocket
  • Topographic map pocket
  • Inside zip
  • A fitting to which you can attach a whistle

The comfort of  the backpack is essential. Whilst deciding on your purchase in the store don’t hesitate to ask for advice from the experts and be sure to take your time. An incorrect backpack can ruin you hikes and the fun to be had holidaying.The ideal way is being able to tighten your bag around your hips which will carry the bulk  of the weight.

The weight of your backpack must be taken into account during your purchase. So if you go on a day hike it is better to take a middle size backpack, which will allow you to store clothes and other essentials if need be. If the weight of a  small size backpack feels hardly anything at all then some extras almost goes unnoticed , especially if it is well and evenly packed !

Finally,  love at first sight does  count ! One  should spoil themselves occasionally. Todays backpacks  are colourful and come in all different shapes and sizes.

So, make your choice !


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