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Go digital detox !

Holidays are the ideal opportunity to disconnect and have a break from your computer and your smartphone. Gone is the stress related to un read e-mails and the notifications from the social networks which can monopolize your time. Make the most of your long weekends and days off by cutting the digital cord !


Disconnect from the work world:

Before leaving, warn your colleagues that you don’t wish to be disturbed during your holidays. This may seem normal but some colleagues don’t realise  you want to be off the radar and won’t hesitate to ask you questions about work while you are on the beach. Disconnect your professional e-mail box from your smartphone and tablet and better still don’t take your work telephone !

Camera rather than smartphone: 

Leave your telephone in your Le French Time campsite accommodation, instead take a camera with you. Whilst out strolling a camera will  immortalize special moments ! You will benefit enormously from the total disconnection!

Books, board games, crafts, DIY do-it-yourself…

Say goodbye to screens and take advantage of the weather by beginning a thrilling detective novel or a beautiful love story sitting in your deckchair ! We have selected 5 favourite books specially for you !

Take with you  the classic and once vintage board games such as Monopoly or Cluedo or the more recent games such as Dixit so you can spend fun time and creative evenings which are much more interactive than Candy Crush !

Whatever happens, make the most of mornings or late afternoons to make creative workshops with your children !

You will see the world is more beautiful when looking with your eyes than always looking at a screen.

The key word is “make the most of it ” !



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