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Futuroscope : an entertaining family destination

The Futuroscope amusement park has been delighting visitors both young and old for over 30 years now. Find out what this multi-activity amusement park has to offer for your family. Spend your nights in peaceful surroundings at the gateway to one of Europe’s biggest attractions by staying in a campsite near Futuroscope.

A weekend break or a family holiday at Futuroscope

Futuroscope is a theme park in Poitiers that brings together science, images, exhilaration and culture. There are activities, entertainment and attractions for all ages starting from 4 years old. Entrance to the park is free for under-4s due to the limited number of activities available. Futuroscope really is an ideal destination for a family holiday.

Stay in a campsite just a stone’s throw away from Futuroscope and you’ll be free to visit for one, two or three days. You can enjoy your family holiday in a relaxing, green and welcoming environment, right next to the park that hosts almost 2 million visitors every year.  

What can we do as a family in Futuroscope? 

Going to Futuroscope as a family is an adventure in itself. With its futuristic architecture, many green spaces and lakes with majestic fountains, the whole family is sure to be wowed by the surroundings. 

Each attraction will add to the sense of wonder: Aquacircus, The Time Machine, The iMagic stage, Invisible World... the entertainment in every zone is designed to transport you into another dimension. In another time, far from the daily grind and surrounded by loved ones, you will have an unforgettable stay, whether or not you enjoy the more exhilarating activities. 

As night falls, you will be back with your family, either glamping at one of our high-end sites or at a simple campsite at one with nature, for a well-deserved rest, ready for a new day and a whole new adventure!



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