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Egg hunt on the road to Les Castels by Le French Time campsites

Some of our Les Castels by Le French Time campsites have opened their doors from the beginning of April and welcome you to a new delightful season ! Starting with the Easter weekend, we have discovered some unique places for Easter egg hunts on your journey, these are adapted to the young ones and older...

 A wonderful, fun activity to be had whilst halfway to your destination. This stopover will surely entertain the children and make for an unexpected chocolate break on your travels !


On the way to Les Castels La Garangeoire campsite : Easter hunt in the park of Dryades at La Baule : 

The tourist office of the city of La Baule has organised an Easter Egg Hunt competition which is completely free, it’s  known to be the biggest Easter hunt in France ! Children (from 1 to 10 years of age) will have more than 40, 000 opportunities to enjoy the fun and walk away with some chocolate ! The younger participants have to search for bio degradable tokens within 3 zones of the  Dryads Park these will be  exchanged  for chocolate eggs by a local Baulois artisan. Brilliant and eco-responsible !

The 17th April from 10:30 am till 12 am. Free

On the way to Les Castels Le Village Western campsite au musée de l’Île d’Oléron

A discovery tour is organised in the city of Saint-Pierre and in the gardens of the museum of Ile d’Oléron. At the museum reception you will be given a notebook free of charge. Along with the family go and explore the history and the beauty of the city answering correctly the questions you have been given. The best explorers will be rewarded !

April 17th, from 10 am till 12 midday and from 2 pm till 5 pm. Free

On the way to Les Castels La Forge Sainte Marie campsite : Au parc animalier de Sainte-Croix

Surrounded by animals from the wildlife park, the Easter egg hunt takes the shape of an open treasure hunt to be enjoyed by all ! The Easter Rabbit has been busy leaving clues in numerous places to search for where the wooden eggs have been placed ! It’s up to you to report all that you’ve found in a notebook and then return it to ” The House of the Easter Rabbit ” where finally you can exchange them for real chocolate eggs ! A  fun, new experience if you plan to make a visit to this zoo !

The 16th and 17th April, from 9:30 am onwards. 24,50 €  access to the park for adults, 16,50 € for 3-11 years of age.

Enjoy yourselves but try to resist  eating all the chocolates at once !

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