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Discovering Les Castels Le Château de Leychoisier campsite

On the road to Limoges, the Château de Leychoisier offers a typical regional landscape with its undulating rolling hills where ones attention is drawn from a meadow to a river or a forest to a lake ! This 5-star Les Castels by Le French Time campsite is also the oldest in the chain but has not aged and still  offers wonderful services. Now we shall hear it’s owner tell us all...


Would you like to introduce yourself ?

My name is Roger-Jean Vershcheure. I’ve been the owner of Château de Leychoisier since 1990.

What is your role within your Les Castels by Le French Time campsite ?

I am involved in all areas of the camp site, whether its at the reception, restaurant or stewardship, as most managers do.

When was your campsite established ? Can you describe it ?

The Château de Leychoisier has existed since 1959. The campsite is located in an exceptionally green setting, dominated by an ancient castle. It’s a real paradise, made for a peaceful holiday. It’s also the very first campsite that Les Castels created in France.

Château de Leychoisier Park

What are your values, and your ambitions for the future ?

My values are in the spirit of the three C’s: Calm, Comfort and Courtesy. As for my ambitions, it would be to improve the establishment while maintaining the spirit of the place a place to holiday.

Can you give us an anecdote? Your favourite memory ?

Seeing the campsite fully booked  is always a wonderful thing. Knowing that the place pleases and attracts travellers from all around the world makes me extremely happy, making for great memories.

Your favourite place on the estate ?

Undoubtedly, under the ancient ,some of which cedars and sequoi’s trees which are several hundred years old and near the animal park. It’s always very relaxing.

Château de Leychoisier Zoo

What is your favourite moment depending on the seasons ?

I prefer the months of May and June, it’s lovely but not too hot, the days are long which allows one to enjoy and make the most of a full day.

Château de Leychoisier swimming pool


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