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Camping holidays in the Grand Est

Nestled in the heart of Europe, the Grand Est region offers you the opportunity to discover its rich and diverse natural, environmental, cultural and touristic heritage.

A wide variety of landscapes can be found, from plains to plateaus, lakes to forests and mountains to vineyards. You can visit 6 regional natural parks and no less than 25 regional nature reserves. The Grand Est region balances tradition with modern influences and boasts a young, innovative atmosphere. Le French Time campsites offers a 5-star campsite within the former Champagne-Ardenne region. Known for its famous wines, this part of the Grand-Est region is sure to amaze you.

Champagne, Ardennes Lamb, Troyes Andouillette Sausage

Local terroir products are famous in the Grand Est region. Meat and poultry, charcuterie, grand cru wines and other fine products are a treat for your taste buds. Master chefs serve up gourmet experiences at the region’s exclusive one-of-a-kind restaurants. Whether you’re sharing a meal with family or friends, the region’s star chefs are sure to please! Here, gastronomy goes hand in hand with shared enjoyment and traditions. Don’t wait another minute to taste the famous Troyes andouillette, boudin blanc from Rethel, boulette de Bussy, Reims gingerbread and of course quiche Lorraine!

A Rich and Diverse Heritage

The Grand Est region offers many experiences to make your holidays pop! History and heritage are rich in Champagne-Ardenne, which features the coronation site of the kings of France in Reims. With its many edifices, fortified churches and cathedrals with stained glass windows, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Champagne will be a delightful part of your visit.

From bright lights to gardens to spas, discover the treasures of Grand Est towns. The regional capital of Strasbourg enchants visitors with its stunning monuments, from the Kammerzell House to the Saint Thomas Church to the Strasbourg Cathedral. Travellers seeking outdoor activities have many choices between lakes, green spaces and regional parks. We advise taking advantage of regional guides, as they know the land best and can show you the secrets of a medieval vestige, the source of a stream and rare flora.


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