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Camping : 5 books to be taken in your suitcases

Long weekends or holidays are often spent simply enjoying reading ! Whether it is during your journey, making sure that you don’t get travel sickness ! On a deckchair by the edge of a swimming pool or just before going off to bed in your Le French Time campsite, there is always a place you’ll love to read during your holidays, so make sure you dive into a great book !


Here are 5 of the most popular books this season:

“Au bonheur des fautes: Confessions of a tamer of words” by Muriel Gilbert. 

Muriel Gilbert writes eruditely and with humour about her great love of language and takes us behind the scenes of a large, well known newspaper, Le Monde, where she edits and corrects the mistakes. “The faults, are everywhere because everybody makes them. Many are funny or instructive, some are beautiful like precious jewels”. The author suggests ways to detect and correct errors in no time at all!

“Votre cerveau”  Michel Cymes 

A very popular French doctor has released a new book, a prescription which will make us all feel good !  “So your wellbeing is evenly balanced, it is entirely up to you, without unsettling your life take on board this book brimming with useful advice. Just a few small changes, nothing drastic ! Diet, habits and advice on improving your memory, learn how to take good care of your brain during your holidays !

« Ta deuxième vie commence quand tu comprends que tu n’en as qu’une» by Raphaêlle Giordano

Camille, age 38, seems to have everything to make one happy. So then why does she always feel that happiness slips through her fingers ? All that she wants is to find a way towards enjoyment and to blossom. When Claude, routinologue, suggests a new way to help, she doesn’t hesitate for a moment : Camille goes for it. Throughout innovative, creative and encouraging experiences, she takes it in step by step, so transforming her life and starting to see her dreams  fulfilled…

Enriching and informative !

“Glacé” by Bernard Minier 

If you missed the series of the same name on M6 TV, get started into this crime novel whilst sun baking ! Utterly compelling.. “In the early hours of a freezing  December morning in a valley amongst the Pyrénées, the workers of a hydroelectric power plant discover the  body of a headless horse  hanging on to the edge of a cliff. The same day a young psychologist takes her first posting at a high security psychiatric centre which over looks the valley. Commander Servaz, a hypochondriac but intuitive police officer finds himself confronted by the strangest investigation of his entire career.”

« Tintin au pays des soviets »  by Hergé 

Created in 1929, this first volume of the adventures of Tintin, now published in colour will surprise you with its modern readability. A comic style book which will be passed around to everyone in the family to enjoy !

Happy reading !


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