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Walks in Aveyron

Between mountains and valleys, Aveyron  offers  an exotic voyage ! If you would like to take advantage of the panorama, you can stay at Les Castels Le Caussanel or Sites et Paysages Beau-Rivage campsites, situated on the edge of a lake, right in the heart of Aveyron.


Belcastel, a picturesque village


Belcastel, Aveyron, France

One of the most beautiful villages of France

Follow the river Aveyron winding it’s way from Belcastel to Najac, don’t hesitate to stray from it’s flow to visit its heritage and culture in order to discover these picturesque villages. Classified « most beautiful villages of France » Belcastel and its unique houses offers a real charm with it’s authentic architecture. It will make your stroll so much more rewarding.

Najac and its fortress


Najac, a picturesque village in the Aveyron River, Southern France.

Najac, a picturesque village in the Aveyron River, Southern France.

Also classified ” The most beautiful villages of France ” Najac, with its highly impressive royal fortress perched on the summit of a hill. The natural wealth offers so many, activities such as mountain bike riding, canoeing and of course hiking. An inescapable stop-off place of Aveyron, a village with one unique winding street balanced on a rocky ridge on a rock peak ! where sculptures, fountains and fortified doors appear one after another marking out the route which passes at the foot of the famous fortress.

Gastronomic specialities




Aligot, Roquefort, the farçous, « Gateau à la broche » a cake cooked over a naked flame. So many specialities Aveyronnaises that you can discover or rediscover during your stay ! You don’t know Aligot ? Also called the ribbon of  friendship, this purée of mashed potato made from Tomme cheese of Laguiole is absolutely delicious !

Another speciality, the Roquefort, the one and only we call the king of cheeses which is  made on site in the cellars Roquefort. Perfect  where one can learn everything about the manufacturing and also to take advantage of a tasting.

If you walk in the markets of Aveyron, you’ll find more than likely the traditional meal « Farçous » ! These small pancakes personalised by each family have  a common ingredient: Swiss chards ! Perfect to take on a picnic …



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