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Travelling lightly is possible !

Going on a camping holidays is much more enjoyable when traveling lightly ! Especially with  children, we are often tempted to fill the suitcases to the brim.

Going on a camping holidays is much more enjoyable when traveling lightly ! Especially with  children, we are often tempted to fill the suitcases to the brim. Let it be known that the lighter we travel, the more are minds are free. Even if you plan to leave your luggage at your Castel campsite it’s probably best not to have 3 bags per person. A suitcase and a backpack should be enough and it will allow you to restrain yourselves from taking  your house and the kitchen sink with you !

Only take what you need ! It is not easy, but it’s possible. Your whole wardrobe is certainly not necessary for this type of holiday,  even if you are  seen wearing  the same outfit several times, the same T-shirt in the photos, nobody will take it out on you ! Don’t forget that your clothes can be washed on holidays, often  best to do your laundry sooner than later whilst on your travels, rather than leave it to all pile up and risk loosing half of it at the other end of France.

For hygiene products, pack yourself individual  small bottles designed for travelling. A small toilet bag with the main products for your skin should do the job. Products for children are sold these days in bottles with quantities more than a litre, it is very cumbersome and not necessary to take everything … Reduce the quantities ! And the same for your first-aid kit, that can be reduced: take only the instruction sheet and the medicine (not the boxes), if need, note on  paper the quantities and the effects of the medicine that you  decide to take.

Other advice, if you are a big reader, especially when travelling, you can opt for a e-book reader, and so no need to lug all your favourite books with you. Not everybody  necessarily enjoys  reading on a screen, but if this mode of escape suits you, don’t wait to fill your digital library ! In the same way, if you have children, it is always preferable to encourage them to play outside, but in case of bad weather, slide a game of cards in your bag, and why not some games on a tablet.

When camping, one always leaves  with a  Swiss army knife ! Oh yes, it is an essential item to be used during the day or at night. Always accessible in a pocket of your backpack, it will be very useful.

If you take your handtowels or bath towel, don’t hesitate to go for ones which are micro fibre. Rolled at the bottom of your bag, they will take almost no space at all compared to a classic cotton towels.

Finally, when packing a suitcase ask yourselves the essential questions: what do I really need ? Are there alternatives for somethings that’s too cumbersome ? Am I going to manage to easily retrieve this item whilst travelling, or could I borrow it  from my neighbours ? Don’t forget that it’s always a friendly  atmosphere at Le French Time campsites.

Have a great holiday !


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