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Some recipe ideas whilst camping

On holidays, times spent sharing a meal is full of enjoyment and relaxation. We can now take time to taste seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables, refreshing drinks and often meals  cooked putdoors on a barbecue.

Here are some ideas for simple and easy recipes which will allow you to enjoy delicious  food while spending maximum time with  your close friends and family !

The classic rice salad, or pasta, adding extra interesting ingredients to make it even better!  We know all the basics of this salad, but what about if we add some sun dried tomatoes, capers,hearts of palm, and spices to make it even better ? According to your taste, you can even cut up pieces of buffalo mozzarella, the texture and the freshness of this cheese blends perfectly making it  ideal on Summer evenings !

For lunch, we suggest trying sandwiches made from French sourdough bread, seasoned according to your taste. Our favorite: large slices of sourdough bread lightly toasted, ricotta with slices of avocado, a few drops of lemon, basil, salt and pepper,  accompanied by a delicious green salad.Your lunch will be complete and very healthy. If you feel peckish in the afternoon, you can also try the sandwich on a brioche bread, some slices of bananas, a sprinkle of muesli and blueberries for the colour !

If you want variety and a change try some different salad recipes. Replace the rice or the pasta with quinoa. This rich grain is very satisfying,  it appeases your hunger for several hours ! A salad based with quinoa, fresh seasonal vegetables (cucumber, cherry tomatoes, raw zucchini) olives and feta cheese ! Your guests will not be disappointed.

For meals outdoors whilst watching the sunset, you can entertain the children by suggesting bagels (circular rolls with a hole in the middle). Soft white cheese (goat, ricotta…), some salad leaves, a slice of salmon, chopped fresh chives and it’s done. It’s a refeshing change from hamburger’s and it’s also delicious.

Eat your heart out and do not forget that physical exercises is essential as well during the holidays, it’s a good excuse to enjoy a delicious smoothie!



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