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Our best advice to respect the environment when camping

Campsites Castels are very conscious about protecting nature and it’s surrounding environment. Our campsites  have installed  hot air pumps to heat all the swimming pools. The  development and installation of  thermal solar panels for heating water, toilet flushing, and general water use for compost and the compaction of waste …

Once we arrive at a campsite we are in immediate contact with the bush and nature. Therefore  it’s essential to make responsible choices to protect the eco system. Here is some advice for your future holidays:

You can always choose a campsite which is concerned with the environment. With Le French Time don’t be worried ! it’s a priority . We have the stamp “ Clef Verte ” : a label of environmental management for Tourism accommodation initiated  by the Foundation for  Education and  the Environment in France, active since 1998. As a supplement to this certification some Le French Time campsistes have also been accredited with the European Ecolabel which requires a very high standard and rewards 261 campsites in France. These campsites make a commitment to limit their consumption of water and  energy, to reduce their production of waste, and to favour renewable resources to heighten the awareness of their clientele regarding protection of the environment and it’s benefits.

When you arrive, opt for the least polluted mode of transport. Ride around on a  bike, by foot for exercise, walking and running are excellent ways to relax and to take advantage of the landscape around you during your holidays. Everything is about planning, the children will be delighted to have a small scooter to get around your accommodation !

During your walks along the pathways, through the forest and on cliffs tops remember if possible   to leave  nature pristine and intact. Pack cotton reusable bags to be able to keep snacks for your children without the need for plastic bags. Take advantage of the open air, stretch out and maybe have a nap, you will be so happy taking advantage of the clean air and the wide open space.

Respecting  wild life is also very important. Often we think we are being nice when we offer food toanimals during are strolls in the forest, but on the contrary, we disrupt their food habits by acclimatising them to unnatural tastes and flavours suitable only for we human beings. Animals are  totally adapted to their natural environment, it’s better to observe them while keeping a certain respect and distance making sure you are not disturbing them.

Adopting an eco-public-spirited attitude is very easy. It is very important to be aware of the harmful effects which can endanger the environment  and the local population by mass tourism. Responsible and long-lasting tourism will allow your children to live in a healthy and unpolluted atmosphere along side preserved beautiful landscapes.

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