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Meeting at Les Castels Le Château de Chanteloup campsite

Let’s have a chat with Les Castels Le Château de Chanteloup !


Would  you like to introduce yourself ?

Dominique Souffront son of Michel Souffront who created the campsite in 1972


What is your role within your Les Castels by Le French Time campsite ?

I have managed the campsite for over 30 years. During the season, with the Dream Team I welcome customers and supervise the entertainment, the bar, the technique. Outside of the season with my maintenance team we carry out maintenance and renovations.

When was your camp site established ? Can you describe it ?

Chanteloup was created in 1972 and it immediately received 4 *, then 6 years ago Chanteloup received 5 *. We are one of the smallest 5 * campsites in France, without a chalet or a mobile home, which makes Chanteloup a unique and atypical family campsite ! One of its many assets is that it has only 110 sites on 21 ha.

What are your values,  and your ambitions for the future ?

Always to respect our customers  well being  to listen  and to answer all their requests so that the holidays for all our customers create the most wonderful memories.

Can you tell us an anecdote? Your best memory ?

The best and favourite memory: In 2015  we celebrated the 200 year ownership of the property with our customers and most loyal friends. It was a memorable White Night. A multitude of memories… the wide big smiles of our families when they arrived at Chanteloup !

Your favorite place in the estate?

The small island in the center of the lake where I built my first cabin at the age of 10 years old.

What is your favourite moment according to the seasons ?

Every morning when the local village baker offers its delicious pastries and when I share my morning coffee with my early bird friends! Last but not least the famous Chanteloup BBQ where sharing, and conviviality are the most beautiful pastimes!


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