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Let’s walk in the woods...

After weeks of heavenly weather followed by a beautiful Indian Summer, Autumn has taken its turn. Trees transform to their seasonal colours, leaves  turning  yellow, red and golden brown find themselves under our feet giving us so much pleasure.

The cool and pleasant temperatures often tempt us to go out and walk ! A little insight into the activities of what can be done during the next few weekends in the forest !


Mushroom picking: 

The season has began ! France is filled with places abundant in mushrooms ! No matter where you are, either in Ile-de-France, Périgord, les Landes or in Alsace, more than 80 species of mushrooms are hidden in these forests ! And you can discover them ! Dress warmly with good waterproof shoes, arm yourselves with a small knife during your harvest, place the mushrooms in a wicker basket or natural fibre bag so they do not sweat as they would if contained in plastic.

If in the slightest doubt, show your pickings to a pharmacist or an expert before consuming them.

A family outing which will entertain beginners as much as  the experienced mushroom gatherers !

Learing to take photographs :

The autumn is a photographers’s delight. Nature offers  a kaleidoscope of lively colour which  can leave you in awe ! The ground is covered with hues  that give such strength of character to the landscape which lies before us. The ideal opportunity to grasp all this in a photo during a beautiful autumn stroll ! By means of a smartphone, a camera or of a more professional device, enjoy photographing the various opportunities that Mother Nature has to offer. Foliage, trees, animals, everything is subject to the photo !

Create a naturel album 

A stimulating activity for the children: the creation of their own nature album ! At the same time as being educational it  can also make for a wonderful memory, organise an afternoon when your children can discover the the treasures of the forest ! In search of various types of leaves or flora at hand, the children will be amazed by the diversity ! Back home, dry the leaves and begin to compile an album. An activity over several days your children  can develop their curiosity and possibly it may create vocations !

Happy wandering!


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