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Hunting for treasures with Geocaching !

If you have kept your childhood spirt and your passion of treasure hunting, good news for you ! Finished with maps made out of old parchment paper which tears with the slightest fold or gust of wind, now treasure digital maps are available.


Numerous applications suggest going off in search of marvels which are hidden in every corner of France ! Among them is Geocaching which is the biggest treasure hunt in the world having more than two million hiding places all over the world!!! Millions of wealth to be found !

To become a real treasure hunter 3.0 all you have to do is download the application on your smartphone (Android or iOS)! The application is free and the creation of the account is also !

The application will geolocalise your position which will then guide and therefore enable you to follow the indications and discover a geocache !

A child’s game !

The geocaches can be in various sizes and several forms, so therefore it’s necessary to be alert and with eyes wide open you may find the hiding spot and its nuggets !

You can go about approaching geocaching in two different ways. You can plan a hunt according to the region where you are offering several hunts to be discovered.

In this case organise yourself several days in advance  before planning a trip and an adequate schedule ! Adults as well as the children will be delighted to participate in the organization of such an expedition ! An opportunity to discover astonishing places that you may never have visited before !

The second option: you can also randomly open the application and look for secret spots around you ! Experience an unexpected and unpredictable treasure hunt ! It’s up to you to choose !

Wherever you are, a geocache deserves to be discovered ! Our Le French Time campsites are situated in beautiful landscapes perfect for hidden treasures.

Keep your eye open !



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