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Get away to see the open spaces along the edges of the Loire

During the month of September, the beginning of another Indian summer, the weather is beautiful along the banks of the Loire. We ‘d love to make a plan with you to discover  the Domain de la Brèche, absolute nature in the Loire Valley and more particularly the natural reserve of the Loire Anjou Touraine.


The park consists of rich and varying landscapes: along the Loire and its tributaries, discover  the wild banks, you may even come across a beaver ! Fields are also numerous, these natural landscapes are bound to the  agricultural  development of the region: cultures, vineyards or wheat and grain products. Go for a stroll along the  forest paths and discover the mountains of Chinon, Milly and even still Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil.

The Val de Loire has been included, since the year 2000 in the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites, with the title of “Living cultural landscapes”.

Take advantage of the seasons of the region to really discover the park ! Participate in a hike around the famous village of Champigny and share the everyday life of the wine grower, his philosophy and his love for his life’s work . Throughout the hike, the history of the vineyards and the naming of Saumur-Champigny will be shared with you.

Go and see the lambs of Rilly-sur-Vienne. The existance of these small animals establishes an excellent way to maintain rich discoveries in biodiversity. You will have the opportunity to learn so much about this animal: from its behaviour and it’s needs to survive.

Finally, for the more adventurous, you can attend the night time show of bats ! Come and discover these fascinating nocturnal night-animals. After a presentation and discussion about their biology and lifestyle in the region, you can go and discover them for yourselves.

The Domain de la Brèche is perfect for alternating between the discovery of the region and also the chance to be able to relax. There is Mini golf, tennis courts and playgrounds that will entertain your children while you take time out for yourself !

If camping is a lifestyle for your holidays, with Le French Time, it becomes a veritable art of living, so take advantage of a unique and authentic stay.



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