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Focus on Les Castels Le Château de Lez Eaux campsite

Today, we went to meet Cécile de la Varde-Poignant, manager of the 5-star campsite Les Castels Le Château de Lez Eaux. Let's discover together the history of this charming campsite, ideally located near Mont Saint Michel in Normandy.

Hello Cecile, would you like to introduce yourself ?

My name is Cécile de la Varde-Poignant, manager of the luxury campsite Les Castels Le Château de Lez Eaux. I took over the management role from my father who had inherited the same role from his parents. My husband: Olivier joined me in the adventure 1 year ago and we live on the campsite with our children.

What is your specific role at the campsite ?

I manage all the teams at the campsite and make sure that everything is running smoothly. However, my tasks are varied according to the day.

Le chateau de lez eaux 5-star campsite

When was your campsite established ? Can you describe it for us ?

In1960 it was created by my grandparents. It was a family home that was transformed into a campsite to maintain the property as it is today. We offer a 5 star service, 229 rental sites plus 2 tree houses are available. We have an outdoor pool and a 1300 m² indoor water park. This campsite is perfect for families with young children and people looking for tranquility and nature.

Le Château de Lez Eaux

What are your values, your ambitions for the future ?

That 100% of our customers are more than satisfied with their stay ! However, also that my team enjoy their work and find it satisfying, it’s its so important. I also want to maintain the property in pristine order: whether its the building aspect or the environmental issues (preserve the fauna and flora). Finally, that my family is proud of Lez Eaux and can live well (without the constraints of living in the workplace).


What is your favorite place in the estate ?

At the edge of the pond, under the plane trees, in the sun. It is a quiet and relaxing place, to contemplate and enjoy the wonder of this place.

Le Château de Lez Eaux campsite

What is your favourite moment depending on the season ?

In Autumn, it’s the cyclamen at the corner of the house. In Spring, apple trees in bloom. In Summer, the night time concerts where everyone gathers in front of the house on the lawn: happy and dancing. And in Winter: although rare, when there is snow.


Le Château de Lez Eaux

Your final word ?

We thank all the guests who have been to Lez Eau and we hope that their experience has lived up to their expectations  For all the others, we hope to meet you very soon ! See you soon 🙂


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