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Discovering Les Castels La Garangeoire campsite

The domain of Garangoire was born on the site of a Gallo-Roman temple, in the Pays de la Loire, so now off we go to meet the granddaughter of the founders of the campsite Les Castels La Garangoire, an exciting discovery !


Would you like to introduce yourself ?

I am Anne de Kerautem, the granddaughter of the founders of camping La Garangeoire, where I spent the Summer holidays of my childhood and worked during the season. In 2006, during my forties, my husband Eric Bourgon and I made the choice to leave our professional and family life, established in the Paris, to continue the operation of the family camping enterprise.

What is your role within your The Castels by Le French Time campsite ?

We share the operational direction of the campsite and we are both very hands on, both with our employees and the guests that we welcome.

When did your campsite begin?  Can  you describe it for us ? 

Created in 1964, classified as 4 stars from the beginning we welcomed 200 campers.Our property is spread over  200 hectares, and at the heart  the campsite was intended to have many diverse activities, in addition to farming and forestry. At La Garangeoire, each location has a bird or a flower’s  name, there are no numerals ! Certified Ecolabel, the campsite now offers 350 sites, half of which are reserved for traditional camping-caravanning and numerous sports or outdoor activities.


La Garangeoire

What are your values and  ambitions for the future ?

We try to constantly adapt to the expectations of our guests, in terms of quality of services provided and hospitality. We are always committed to remain  faithful to the original values of the creators who made  Le French Time the success it is today which are : Environment, Courtesy and Comfort.

Your favourite place on the estate ?

The large Premium sites, located at the end of the campsite, on a wide open play park, facing the sun set.

What is your favourite time according to the seasons ?

The month of may, when the campsite is green and blooming and we welcome our first guests. Mid-July, when each of the 100 members of our team knows their job role and we can calmly see the results of months intense preparation for the season.



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