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Campsite with entertainment

Are you looking for a campsite with well-organised evening events, that are fun, enjoyable and entertaining? Come and stay on a Le French Time campsite with friends or family, and you’ll go back home with unforgettable memories from the evenings spent here. Challenges, shows, astronomy workshops or tasting evenings, there’s something for everyone.


Entertainment and shows on your campsite, learn new things

The evening entertainment on Le French Time campsites can be very festive but also teach you about the history and culture of the region. Folk tales and legends of the region, cooking or painting lessons, astronomy workshops or “gourmet evenings”, the entertainment on our campsites has been designed to please all campers. Come and sit around a campfire roasting marshmallows with your loved ones: now that’s the kind of holiday you were dreaming of.

Evening entertainment and shows on your campsite

If you choose to stay on a Le French Time campsite, you will of course have all the facilities you need, in an unspoilt natural environment with exceptional surroundings, but your evenings will also be very entertaining! Without even leaving the campsite, you will be able to enjoy new entertainment and shows every evening.

Concerts from local bands or more well-known singers, theatre productions and comedy sketches, just sit back and feast your eyes on our great entertainment. Whether you are inside in a special venue or under the starry sky, all you have to do is enjoy the show.


You will love staying on a campsite with entertainment

Do you prefer going to bed early or enjoying a peaceful evening on a campsite, with a good book or glass of wine?You will be perfectly satisfied thanks to the comfort of your mobile home or intimacy of your camping pitch.

If on the other hand, you prefer a camping holiday with lively summer evenings, laughing and meeting new people, then take a look at the entertainment programme when you arrive on your campsite. Early evening, during or after dinner, and even when the sun has gone down, come and enjoy yourself watching local musicians or surprising shows that the whole family will love.

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