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Basque Country Campsite

Why have to choose between relaxing on the beach and hiking in the mountains? By booking a pitch at a nature campsite in the Basque Country, you can combine the pleasures of the sea with those of the…

Camping holiday in Bayonne: discover the three provinces of the French Basque Country

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The French Basque Country encompasses three provinces: Labourd, nestled at the foot of the Pyrenees and bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Basse-Navarre, a land of shepherds and stockfarmers, set in rolling countryside, and finally Soule, the smallest and most typical province of the Basque Country. Between two moments of idleness at the beach or an escapade in the canyons of Soule, you can plan a cultural visit to the Bayonne ramparts, or stroll through the pedestrian streets of Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Gourmet break with local products from the Basque Country

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It is difficult to spend a camping holiday in the Basque Country without tasting the famous Espelette chilli pepper, the region's flagship product. This spicy little vegetable even has a Protected Designation of Origin! It is also impossible to ignore Basque charcuterie, especially the famous Bayonne ham. Do you prefer seafood and fish? The Atlantic Ocean offers exceptional seafood products to the most discerning pallets... Finish your meal with a slice of Basque ewe's milk cheese or a slice of the famous Basque cake, traditionally filled with black cherries.

Celebrations and festivals in the Basque Country: a year-round programme

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There are more than 170 celebrations and festivals every year in the Basque Country. In other words, a taste for festivities is deeply rooted in the DNA of the Basques! The most famous, such as the Espelette chilli festival in the town of the same name, or the Bayonne festivals, gather tens of thousands of visitors every year. You can also join the Port des Pêcheurs festival in Biarritz or take part in the best Basque cake competition in Cambo-les-Bains... All in all, an unforgettable experience during your family camping holiday in the Basque Country.

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