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Camping in Annemasse

The city of Annemasse, just a stone’s throw from Geneva, is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Choose from our selection of Haute-Savoie campsites and explore the variety of cultural and…

Camping holidays in Annemasse: our ideas for outdoor activities

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Annemasse, your new, natural playground, is located in the heart of the Arve Valley, in the Alps, right next to Mont Blanc. There are lots of hiking circuits, accessible to both young and experienced walkers, so you can explore the region at your own pace. You can also introduce your family to the joys of canyoning, exploring the surrounding canyons and gorges. Do you feel the need for height? This is the ideal opportunity to try out paragliding or take your first flight.

Exploring the city of Annemasse

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Punctuate your long hikes through the Alps with a trip to Annemasse to explore the town’s main attractions. The first stop is La Fantasia villa, previously called “villa Montfort” and garden. The building, which was constructed in a pure Art Nouveau style, is set in lovely, leafy grounds, ideal for walking with family or friends. In summer, the villa hosts les Musical’été festival every Friday evening. Then head to Annemasse town centre and take a stroll through the shopping streets. Do you fancy a little shopping?


Time to eat! Indulge in the cuisine of the Haute-Savoie

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It’s difficult to imagine a camping holiday in Haute-Savoie without an opportunity to taste some the region’s finest cheeses. Try some Tome des Bauges, Tomme de Savoie or perhaps some Emmental de Savoie. Fancy something fresh? Opt for some Arctic char, trout or fera (white fish), locally caught fish with a distinct flavour. Serve with polenta, unless you prefer to save some room for the local dessert: “la rissole” (a type of turnover) or “la bugne” (doughnut-like pastries)!

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