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How to organise yourselves for a group holiday

Going on holiday as a group can't really be done on a whim. So a campsite with a group reception could be an ideal solution. Once you’ve finally managed to come up with dates that suit all of your friends or family, you can then find a campsite in your ideal location that everyone will love.

Going away as a group but taking individual needs into consideration

When a group of people wants to go on holiday together, you need to understand everyone’s needs to avoid any issues. Ask everyone what activities they’d like to do and what they imagine will happen on holiday. Going away with friends who love lazing around by the pool when you love hiking and visiting museums could turn out to be frustrating. You just need to understand what everyone wants so that you can meet somewhere in the middle. Find out from the group campsite reception what activities are held on site and in the area surrounding your holiday location.

Learn to compromise for a successful group holiday

When you go away as a group of friends or family members, you may also have lively debates about politics, parenting or the environment. Our campsites allow you to spend your group holiday in a natural environment in some amazing French landscapes. Make sure you don’t cast a shadow on your holiday. Avoid controversial subjects and agree your budget beforehand for shopping, activities and accommodation. Once you’re on site, you just need to make the most of the natural surroundings, our facilities and the sheer joy of spending quality time together.


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