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Campsite Auch

Welcome to the historic capital of Gascony! Auch, which is famous for its gastronomy, architectural heritage and beautiful natural sites, is the ideal destination for your next camping holidays.

A camping trip to the Gers: nature holidays on the agenda

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Gascony, an attractive, hilly region with an abundance of flora and fauna, is great for mountain biking, horse-riding or walks, depending on your preference! A greenway runs along the banks of the Gers for a few kilometres, making it ideal for family excursions. Need a more strenuous challenge? Go on a hike through the Baïse Valley and the Larranchélan hills or set off to explore Larrama National Forest.. Unless you prefer to embark upon a canoe-kayak expedition down the Save or the Gesse rivers.


Holidays in Auch: cultural visits on the agenda

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The statue of Artagnan, that stands proudly at the top of the vast flight of stairs, keeps a watchful gaze over visitors arriving in the town. These steps connect the old historic town to the new town - the upper town and lower town - and are a good way to warm up your calves before continuing the visit. Next, head to the impressive Sainte-Marie cathedral, featuring an attractive combination of Gothic and Renaissance styles. Next on the list is a visit to the “pousterles,” steep medieval alleyways and staircases which are both charming and unique.



The gastronomic treasures of Gascogny

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It was in Auch that the famous “magret de canard” duck breast was invented. And it’s no accident. Gers is definitely the land of ducks and geese, which you can enjoy in a variety of culinary specialities. It’s time to taste a bowl of “garbure gersoise” (white bean soup with duck confit) or some “figuigers.” (a fig-fed duck stuffed with foie gras) and luxuriate in the incomparable, melt-in-the-mouth taste of this succulent poultry. You can also indulge in a slice of IGP duck foie gras or if you fancy something more refreshing, some Lectoure melon. For pudding, you can opt for a slice of pie - or “pastis gascon” - a local speciality made from filo pastry and Armagnac-infused apples. Yum!


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