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Visiting the Champagne country side

Make it a meeting spot in Champagne-Ardenne for your next holiday. The Haute Marne shelters the prestigious houses of Champagne built around the city of Reims and in the cities of Épernay and Châlons-en-Champagne.

The Haute Marne shelters the prestigious houses of Champagne built around the city of Reims and in the cities of Épernay and Châlons-en-Champagne. The campsite Les Castels La Forge Sainte-Marie will welcome you during your stay if you want to walk around the largest lakes in France and experience  some really exhilarating moments ? Welcome to Champagne-Ardenne !

Champagne, nectar of the region

Champagne-Ardenne is the cradle of the most famous wines, as its name indicates : Champagne ! The region is abundant with cellars. Champagne is an AOC  wine (Protected Designation of Origin) and must originate from a well defined geographical zone,  around Reims, Epernay and Troyes and be developed from three vines: the Pinot Noir, the Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. You can visit vineyards and expand your knowledge by taking lessons in oenology or even still, try cooking  local recipes enhanced by a sparkling glass of champagne : recipes include Biscuit Rose of Reims, Tart au suc Croquignoles of Reims all of which will treat your taste buds !


Long view of grape vineyards in Cramant

Late summer vineyards of a Premiere Cru area of France showing the lines of vines in the background and diagonal vines in the foreground.

Great lakes to be discovered

 And if you took the plunge into the water ? The region offers a panorama of lakes: Lake du Der, of the Forêt d’orient, from the country of Langres. A multitude of activities are on offer. Sailing, water-skiing, fishing, boating and  swimming, these  are the small pleasures  that offer a healthy feeling of well being and great enjoyment, all to be  practised freely and happily in Champagne-Ardenne ! Small anecdote: the Lake du Der was created in 1974 to settle the flow of the river Marne, it covers 4800 hectares ! One of the largest artificial lakes in Europe. Come and discover the secrets of the lakes Champenois !

Reims, city of art and history

Reims is the unofficial capital of the production region of champagne, and most of the big houses of champagne which have their head office there offer tastings and tours of their cellars. The city nicknamed ” The City of Kings ” since the baptism of Clovis’s in the cathedral Notre-Dame of Reims,  was appointed  a City of Art and History and has more than three sites registered by UNESCO world heritage. If you  are fond of  architecture and art in general, take  a walk through the streets and admire the numerous historic monuments, the mansions and beautiful Art deco facades. Reims is full of numerous activities so don’t hesitate to adventure out, go for it !


Cathedral Notre Dame in Reims, France

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