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Comfort, nature and camping - it’s all possible!

Camping is generally considered to be uncomfortable. But you don’t need to be an intrepid adventurer to camp! You just need a few simple tips to make your camping holiday in the great outdoors as comfortable for you as it is respectful of the environment. Here’s how!

Comfort, nature and camping - it’s all possible!

Improvisers be warned. Some organisation ahead of time is required. To create a comfortable campsite you need:

  • plastic tarpaulins under your tent to avoid moisture from the ground seeping into your tent, and at the entrance for your shoes; 
  • a fan or tent heater depending on the season;
  • cloth bags to store dirty clothing for the whole family;
  • a rope to make a clothesline.

If you have enough room, take cushions, pillows, inflatable mattresses and blankets. Make sure you have enough clothes so everyone has what they need regardless of the weather.

Hate packing? Glamping is for you. Both “glamorous” and “camping”, glamping describes original, luxurious accommodation in the great outdoors with all the creature comforts. 




Environmentally friendly campsites: the right reflexes


You’ve decided! You’re going to try a camping holiday. Good news! There are loads of ways to reduce your carbon footprint and to preserve the planet when camping:

  • use solar lamps for lighting;
  • avoid disposable dishes and invest in stainless-steel plates, cutlery, bowls and cups - you can use them for years;
  • take home-made cakes or biscuits for the kids, prepare salad dressing in a jam jar before you leave. Generally prepare food before your leave to avoid too much packaging. In a hurry? Head to stores with package-free departments that stock a range of practical products.
  • choose biodegradable soap and solid shampoo when showering. And a piece of natural hard soap for the dishes…

Your camping gear is getting old? Sites and stores for second-hand gear are the best place to kit up - it’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly. 

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