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Going camping with the family?

Walking shoes, water bottles, sunscreen… Is your hiking equipment ready? Before heading out, check out our tips for a fabulous family hike!

Planning short walks and long hikes during your holiday? Looking for a place to stay in a peaceful natural environment to make the most of it? Try one of our campsites near or at the start of France’s most beautiful walking trails. By the sea, in the mountains, on a lake or river, in the countryside... We have what you are looking for at Les Castels or Sites and Landscapes by Le French time. 

Found what you’re looking for? Made your booking? It’s time to prepare your backpack! To avoid unpleasant surprises, make sure the whole family has suitable shoes, long, thick socks, protective trousers, hats or caps, sunglasses, a sweatshirt and wet-weather gear.

Take a first aid kit with an aspivenin pump, blister plasters and creams to soothe minor injuries and sunburn. Finally, don’t forget small containers and water bottles for the kids' snacks.

Need hiking ideas? Your hosts will share their favourite trails with you so the kids learn to enjoy camping and hiking and the adults discover new landscapes.

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Family hiking: choosing the right trail

Children under 3 should be carried. Aged from 3 to 6: children can gradually walk between 1 and 4 kilometres. The ideal solution? Take your children walking throughout the year. Walk whenever you can.

Aged 7 years and over: you can start taking them on longer walks. To keep them motivated, choose trails adapted to their short legs and limited patience. Choose a coastal trail with a break for games and relaxing on the beach. Climb in the mountains looking for furry creatures with binoculars. Walk in the woods and taste blackberries. Use your imagination to combine the pleasures of walking with fun activities.

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